13" Women's Weave Web Shoeless Jane Fast Pitch Glove - 1300FPBWR

Shoeless Joe



Shoeless Joe Gloves, Shoeless Jane 13 Inch Weave Web Fast Pitch Softball glove has a distinctive weave or basket web design. The weave web design helps stop the spin of the softball, by getting as much leather on the ball as possible. We recommend the 13 inch glove for girls playing with the 12 inch ball, 5' 6" and taller. (note, this is a general rule of thumb used for sizing gloves)

  • 13 Inch (5' 6" and taller)
  • Weave Web
  • Optimum design for Fast Pitch Softball
  • Custom-Made by Hand
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Special Aged Antique Tobacco Leather
  • Hand-Oiled
  • Professionally Broken-In

  • The Shoeless Jane Fast Pitch Softball gloves have an adjustable wrist strap. These features really help the ball player keep the glove securely attached to her hand and wrist. The open back feature allows an index finger to be placed on the outside of the glove if you like to put another layer of protective leather between your hand and the softball.