What size of baseball or softball glove do I need?

Shoeless Joe Jackson CooperstownSelecting a new ball glove can be a very personal and intimate experience. That can make ordering a glove through mail difficult. We try to help make it as easy as possible. Most of the questions we get deal with selecting the best size and style of glove for ballplayers. We really do enjoy visiting with you via online chat, email, social media and on the phone, so please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be glad to help you.

If you do order a glove and find it just isn't the right size for you, contact us and we can set up and exchange for the correct size glove. We even ship the exchange glove at no cost to you. (see our policy page for details -->CLICK HERE)

That said, here are some of the guidelines we use to help recommend a glove size. (These are just guidelines/rules-of-thumb. Everyone has different needs or wants in a new ball glove.)

Youth Baseball Gloves

11 1/4-Inch Closed WebFor youth baseball players we generally try to fit the player more than fit the position. Pictured to the left is the 11 1/4-Inch Closed Web Shoeless Joe Baseball Glove, This glove is one of, if not our most popular model. It's great for kids 8 and older. Since younger ball players get to try out more positions and work at them until they get a little older and find the position they like the best or are best at playing. As they get older and grow into a position the sizing and style can play a bigger role in their success. Most adult baseball players will use a minimum 11 1/2 Inch glove playing infield and a minimum 12 1/2 Inch glove in the outfield.

Youth Baseball Glove Size Chart


Women's Fastpitch Softball

12 1/2-Inch Shoeless Jane Fastpitch Basket WebWe have found sizing for fastpitch softball is best to fit the player by height. Usually girls under 10 years old are in leagues that use the 11-inch ball. I usually suggest a 11 1/4 Inch or 11 3/4 inch glove for that age range of girls. Once the girls move up to the bigger 12-inch ball, they generally need a bigger glove. I usually suggest a minimum of a 12 inch glove for girls playing with the 12-inch ball. FYI, I normally recommend the 12 1/2 (Pictured) - 13-Inch Shoeless Jane Fastpitch gloves for women playing co-ed slow pitch softball as well.

Women's Fastpitch Softball Glove Sizing Chart


Men's Slow Pitch Softball

14-Inch Men's Softball Basket WebFor men playing in slow pitch softball leagues we usually recommend a minimum 12 1/2 inch glove. We do carry a two styles of a 14 inch gloves are specifically designed for men's slow pitch. They are BIG! The hand pocket is bigger, the finger stalls are wider and the pocket is larger.

Men's Slowpitch Softball Glove Sizing Chart