Catcher's Mitt's

Catcher's gloves or catcher's mitts are specifically designed to be used by the catcher. The mitts are measured in circumference (distance around the mitt) rather than the length of the glove, catcher's mitts have a round, oval shape, extra padding, and traditionally have a closed web style.

The professional break-in process Shoeless Joe Gloves put their catcher's mitts through drastically reduces the break-in time when compared to most other brands. This means you will feel more comfortable with the mitt quicker and be able to trust in the glove and your ability to make the play.


"Thank you so much. BTW, my son is all the envy with his new Catcher's Mitt. High school practices start Friday. Club/travel ball starts April/May and he'll be in his element there and I'll have a chance to share some pics then."

Best wishes 
Amy F.
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