Glove Care

With a little care and attention your Shoeless Joe or Shoeless Jane ball glove investment can last many seasons. The following are some simple things to think about and do to extend the life of your glove. These suggestions come straight from Shoeless Joe Gloves..

  1. Always store your glove with a ball inside the pocket and secured with a rubber band, to prevent the glove from becoming flat.
  2. Make sure that all of the laces are securely tied with a square knot.
  3. While being worn, make sure that your hand and fingers are inserted into the glove as far as possible. This will both help form the pocket and correctly close the glove when receiving a ball.
  4. Two or three times a year inspect and tighten the laces. This will help the glove maintain it’s pocket. It is not uncommon to have to replace laces after a couple of years of play. 
  5. Occasionally treat, or recondition your glove with a recognized brand lanolin based glove or leather treatment to clean and soften the leather. 
  6. Some of the obvious things you should NOT do with your ball glove:
    • Don’t leave your glove lay out in the rain.
    • Don’t use it as a dog chew toy
    • Don’t leave the glove lying in the back window of a car.
    • Don’t put it in the microwave.