11.75-Inch I-Web - palm view
Back view 11 3/4" I-Web Shoeless Joe Gloves
Wrist strap view - 11.75" I-Web Shoeless Joe Gloves
Web view 11 3/4-Inch I-Web
Thumb view - 11.75" I-Web
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11 3/4" I-Web Shoeless Joe Infielder's Baseball Glove - 1175IWR

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So called for the distinctive pattern in the open web that resembles the letter "I", the I Web baseball glove has a modified trap web that uses lacing to create the I. The I Web baseball glove enables the infielder to stop the spin of the ball the moment it hits the glove – and it's also perfect for snagging the ball whether it's a pop fly or a grounder.

  • 11 3/4 Inch I-Web
  • Custom-Made by Hand
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Special Aged Antique Tobacco Leather
  • Hand-Oiled
  • Professionally Broken-In
  • Game Ready

Quickness is key to a good infielder's glove. The shorter infielder's gloves is more responsive to quick wrist adjustments used by second basemen, third basemen and short stops. The smaller glove also helps players get to the ball, once caught, quickly and make the play.