Palm view - 11 3/4-Inch H-Web Shoeless Joe Baseball Glove
back of 11.75-Inch H-Web
Wrist view of the 11.75" H-Web Baseball glove
11 3/4-Inch H-Web from Shoeless Joe Gloves
Thumb view of the 11.75-Inch H-Web
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11 3/4" H Web Shoeless Joe Infielder's Baseball Glove - 1175HWR

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The H-Web ball glove gets its name from the leather in the webbing forming an "H". As you can see, the H web has two strips of leather going vertically and one or two going across. The Shoeless Joe H-Web gloves is a great glove for most any position on the field. You will see it used most often over at third base and short stop. I like this style for young outfielder's too.

  • 11 3/4 Inch H-Web
  • Custom-Made by Hand
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Special Aged Antique Tobacco Leather
  • Hand-Oiled
  • Professionally Broken-In
  • Game Ready

Infielders normally prefer a shorter glove, as they need the ball glove to react quicker and be more responsive to wrist movements. This helps infielders catch and make the play quicker.