Your Complete Buying Guide

Looking for the Best Youth Baseball Gloves?

Do you or someone you love have a passion for baseball or softball?

Not only does baseball provide vigorous exercise for your little one, but it also helps build confidence and team building skills in young ball players, offering a world of health and social benefits. In order for your child to enjoy all of the great benefits of the sport, quality equipment is needed — and youth baseball gloves are one of the most important pieces for every baseball player.

Selecting the correct youth baseball glove can turn into a full-time project, especially since there are countless brands, models and options available. Selecting the correct glove size will directly impact performance, not to mention that certain materials will provide a better performance than others.

Luckily, we’re here for you — and we’ve put together this quick guide on choosing and buying the perfect youth baseball gloves.

Make Sure the Glove Fits

When shopping for youth baseball gloves, a good fit is one of the most important considerations. For ball players younger than 8 years, choose a glove that measures between 9 - 11 inches. For kids between 9 and 13 years of age, 10 - 12 inch gloves are usually the best choice. If your child ages from 13 - 18, then you will want a glove that measures 11 to 13 inches. We go into more depth about sizing for gloves here --> Sizing Recommendations

These recommendations are based on average sizes for an age range and may not hold true for all. As a general rule of thumb, we like to fit the ball player over the position until high school age.

Chose the Right Type of Baseball Glove

After you've chosen the correct size, selecting a glove or webbing style of youth baseball glove is the next step. Most youth baseball players rotate positions, meaning they don’t normally play the same position on the field every time they play. As they get older and more competitive they usually start to specialize in a specific position and a specific style and size of ball glove will be needed.

The types of baseball gloves include:

  • Infield — These types of gloves are typically used to field fast-moving balls. Infield baseball gloves are shorter, for quick response to player’s adjustments.
  • Outfield — Outfielders cover a large area on the field, so a longer glove is needed to give them a better reach and a better chance of catching balls on the run.
  • Pitcher — Pitchers usually have shorter gloves with closed webs. A closed web is a glove that doesn’t allow the batter to see through the webbing to see the pitcher’s grip on the ball prior to the pitch.
  • Catcher — Catcher’s mitts stand out through their exceptional thickness and padding, which allow them to repeatedly catch high-speed pitches.
  • First Base — First Base mitts have larger pockets and a rounded outer edge. First basemen need their glove/mitt to work like a big scoop at times to field throws and balls from anywhere on the field.
  • Vintage —  Reproductions of early 1900’s to 1950’s baseball gloves. Each Glove is hand cut and sewn using the original patterns and components of that particular time period.
  • FastPitch — Fastpitch softball gloves are designed for women’s and girl’s hands to help field the larger fastpitch softball.

100% Leather is the Right Material

The gloves we carry are 100% real cowhide leather. We do not sell synthetic or partial synthetic gloves. The leather is very durable and can last season after season if cared for correctly. Where non-leather gloves may be cheaper or flimsier they generally don’t last as long as a genuine leather ball glove. The gloves we carry are individually hand-cut and sewn, they are then hand-rubbed with old time ingredients to soften the leather before they go through a professional breaking in process.

The professional break in process means the gloves are ready for games of catch, team practices and even games right out of the box. This saves you and your ball player weeks if not months of time working your glove to a point you are able to actually use it. Most of the break in is done for you, the last bit of breaking the glove in requires the ball player. Playing catch with the glove will finalize the break in and make the glove an extension of your arm. With just a few quick games of catch you’ll notice the pocket becomes more defined and the leather will form around your hands and fingers.

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