Palm view 9-Inch Joe Junior by Shoeless Joe Gloves
Back view of the 9-Inch Joe Junior Tee Ball Glove
Wrist strap view of the 9-Inch Joe Junior
Web view of the 9-Inch Joe Junior Tee Ball glove
Thumb View of the 9-Inch Shoeless Joe Junior Tee Ball Glove

9" Shoeless Joe Youth Baseball Glove - 900JR

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Shoeless Joe Gloves 9 Inch baseball glove is an excellent first ball glove your little slugger. Flexible, yet durable, it will help your ball player learn the fundamentals and grow to be the best player he or she can become. The softer leather and professional break in help young kids learn to use the glove the correct way and gives them confidence when catching balls. We generally recommend the 9 Inch glove for kids age 6 and under.

  • 9 inches (age 6 and under)
  • Perfect for tee ball
  • Professionally Broken-In
  • Custom-Made by Hand
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Special Aged Antique Tobacco Leather

The smaller glove is great for smaller ball players. The right size glove that is flexible enough for them to use with out much break in on your part can give your ball player the confidence and love of playing the game.