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palm view of the 10-Inch I-Web by Shoeless Joe Gloves
back view of the 10-Inch I-Web Joe Junior
Wrist strap view of the 10-Inch Joe Junior
Webbing view of the 10-Inch I-Web Shoeless Joe
Thumb view of the 10-Inch I-Web Joe Junior

10-inch I-Web Youth Glove for Tee Ball - Coach Pitch

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10" I-Web Shoeless Joe Youth Baseball Glove - 1000JRIW

Playing in the dirt, kicking at dandelion heads, or maybe just taking a break to sit on a glove in right field… It’s all part of the fun watching kids learn to play ball. They grow up pretty quickly and go from playing around at a ball game to playing ball. Sometimes it only takes fielding a grounder and making a good throw to first or getting under the pop-up and forgetting their fear to make the catch to suck them in. When they do you’ll want them to have a good glove.

The Shoeless Joe 10-inch I-Web is a great start. All handcrafted real leather, no synthetic stuff that rots away before the season is over. The gloves are handmade by leather masters who have handed down their expertise for nearly 100 years. When you smell of the leather and see the unique “Special Aged Antique Tobacco Leather” you can’t help but be impressed.

  • Recommended for ages 7-9 (tee ball to coach pitch)
  • Professionally broken in
  • Handmade
  • 100% leather, NO synthetic

What a great product. Gloves was game ready and my boy loved it. Thanks again. Will order another one for sure.” Tim B.