Palm view of the 9-Inch I-Web High School - Adult Training glove
back view of the 9" Training Glove
Wrist Strap on the adult 9 Inch Training Glove
I-Web on the 9-Inch Adult Training Baseball Glove
Thumb view of the 9 inch adult sized training glove

9" I-Web Shoeless Joe Training Glove - 900IWT

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*** NEW *** Shoeless Joe Training Gloves are smaller, but designed to fit and adult hand. Training gloves can help improve catching and fielding, defensive fundamental play. The smaller pocket forces players to receive the ball correctly in the pocket. When a ball is received correctly it can help improve foot work, transition quickness or even throws.

  • 9-Inch - will fit an adult's hand.
  • Made with 100% leather
  • Shoeless Joe Gloves exclusive Tobacco Tanning®
  • Field Ready® and ready for practice.