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Having a good baseball glove is one of those things every kid should experience. Most of us can remember or if you are really lucky, you still have your first ball glove. We feel that we have found the best glove for the money in the Shoeless Joe Gloves brand. We know it's hard to order something as personal as a baseball glove or softball glove over the internet, but know we are here to help. We will work with you to get you in the right size and style of baseball glove or softball glove for you. Here are a couple things think about when selecting a new glove.

Size: Having a proper fit to your new baseball glove or softball glove is one of the biggest keys to the success of the ball player. When getting a glove for a younger ball player, look at our selection of Youth or Kid's gloves. When learning the game and it's fundamentals a good all around fielding glove that the ball player feels comfortable with is key. We have sizing charts for reference or feel free to contact us for a glove size recommendation. You can get with us via email, give us a call, find us on social media or pop in out live on-line chat located in the lower right of this page.

Position: Position specific gloves or mitts are recommended for players who are playing specific positions, such as Catchers or First Basemen. Catcher's mitts have more padding to help protect the player from hand sting. First base mitts have a rounded design to help scoop up balls. Infielder's gloves and Pitcher's gloves are shorter in length to help make quick movements and help get the ball out of the glove and transferred to the throwing hand quickly. Outfielder's gloves are usually longer for added reach and trapping fly balls.

Material: One of the reasons we only carry Shoeless Joe Gloves is the quality of the leather and craftsmanship that goes into the gloves. That balance of cost to quality is one of the reasons we sell the Shoeless Joe brand of ball gloves. You get a 100% leather glove, handmade by people who have been making ball gloves since the 1930's and each glove goes through a professional break-in process that will get you to the field first.

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