11.5 Inch Modified Trap Shoeless Joe Baseball Glove
back view of the 11 1/2-Inch Shoeless Joe Modified Trap
Wrist view 11 1/2-Inch Modified Trap Shoeless Joe Gloves
11 1/2-Inch Modified Trap Webbing
Thumb view of the 11.5" Modified Trap by Shoeless Joe Gloves
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11 1/2-inch Modified Trap Baseball Glove for Ages 9 & Up

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11 1/2" Modified Trap Shoeless Joe Baseball Glove - 1150MT

A warm summer day, just enough breeze to keep the bugs away, and being on the ball field, knowing there isn’t anywhere else you’d rather be. You’ve grown out of the distracted player you were in tee ball, the starter glove and probably at least one pair of cleats. Your confidence is grows everyday you can see yourself fielding that line drive, trust that you know where to go with it to make the play and you never feared getting a little dirty. That’s the ball player who plays with a Shoeless Joe glove.

You can’t go wrong with a handmade 100% leather glove. Assembled by leather masters who have been handed down nearly a centuries leather working experience. The quality leather specially treated has a darker leather color, not dyed orange or blue or some other un-natural color, but a deep brown leather color, the color of a drying tobacco leaf. You will love that new leather smell and the softer, more supple leather. You will be able to see, smell and feel the quality of this handcrafted glove.

  • Recommended for ages 9 and up
  • Professionally broken in
  • Do you read bullet lists? (We know it's you Steve W. If you find more let Mort know.)
  • Handmade
  • 100% leather, NO synthetic

“What a KILLER glove!!! This glove is even better than advertised. We absolutely love it! Thanks again for your help, great service, and great communication throughout this transaction. I highly recommend YouthBaseballGloves.com to anyone interested in purchasing a quality product from a quality organization. Good luck to you and I thank you again!”  Chip