Palm view of the 11.5" Six Finger Shoeless Joe Baseball Glove
Back view of the 11 1/2-Inch Six Finger
Wrist view of the 11 1/2-Inch Six Finger Shoeless Joe Baseball Gloves
Six Finger Webbing on the 11.5-Inch Shoeless Joe Baseball Glove
Thumb view on the 11 1/2" Six Finger Baseball Glove
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11 1/2" Six Finger Web Shoeless Joe Infielder's Baseball Glove - 1150SFR

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Shoeless Joe Gloves' Six Finger Web, Formerly Trapeze Pocket, baseball glove is an open web baseball glove. A thick piece of leather runs in between the thumb and the index finger, almost creating a sixth finger. The six finger web design is favored by third basemen and outfielders. 

  • 11 1/2 Inch Six Finger Web (formerly Trapeze Pocket)
  • Custom-Made by Hand
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Special Aged Antique Tobacco Leather
  • Hand-Oiled
  • Game Ready
  • Professionally Broken-In

The Six Finger Web or trapeze pocket are the most popular style for outfielders. The Six Finger design give you are very flexible glove that lends itself to being an excellent glove for making plays.