What size of fastpitch softball glove do I need?

12 1/2-Inch Shoeless Jane Fastpitch Basket WebToday’s topic, What size of fastpitch softball glove does my daughter need?!? Getting the right size of softball glove for girls isn’t as hard as you might think. Yes the ball is bigger than a baseball, but most girls hands are not as big their brothers, so you need a glove designed specifically for a smaller girls hand with a larger pocket for the bigger ball. CLICK HERE for our Baseball Glove Sizing guide.

We use a player’s height to help select the right size of glove for her to use, followed by position. Usually girls under 10 years old are in leagues that use the 11-inch ball. I usually suggest a 11 1/4 Inch or 11 3/4 inch glove for that age range of girls. Once the girls move up to the bigger 12-inch ball, they generally need a bigger glove. I usually suggest a minimum of a 12 inch glove for girls playing with the 12-inch ball. (Min. 13-Inch Shoeless Jane Fastpitch gloves for women playing co-ed slow pitch softball.)

Here is the Women's Fastpitch Softball Glove sizing chart we use:
Women's Fastpitch Softball Glove Sizing Charge