Personalized, Custom Baseball & Softball Gloves


Personalized 10-Inch Youth Baseball Glove

Customize your Shoeless Joe glove with personalized embroidery. We offer personalization on both baseball & fastpitch softball gloves 10-Inch youth and larger. (Sorry there isn’t enough room on the 9-Inch or training gloves for embroidery)

Do you want a personalized glove?
If you are thinking about a customized baseball glove or softball glove, there are a couple of things we try to emphasize, so our you are not surprised by anything.

    • Waiting is the Hardest Part - It takes 3-4 weeks to complete and ship a personalized glove. The reason for the extra time, the embroidery must be done prior to the glove’s assembly. If you can plan for the extra time, the finished product is worth the wait.
Another sample of a personalized ball glove
  • Including Spaces - The 10-inch youth glove is limited to 10 characters all other gloves have room for 20 characters of text including spaces.
  • Double & Triple Check Your Order - When a personalized glove is ordered, we send the order to manufacturing within 24 working hours. If you make an error or need to make a change you will need to contact us ASAP. ( or (785) 261-1155)
  • NO Returns on Custom Ball Gloves - Since you are creating a personalized, one-of-kind custom glove, there are no returns. Once a glove order is sent off to manufacturing, there are no returns or refunds available, unless there is a manufacturing defect.


Sorry we do not embroider existing gloves - The embroidery stitches go through the outer shell leather of the glove, but not through the inner lining of the glove. Our embroidery is done prior to the glove's assembly, hence the 3-4 weeks delivery time. To embroider an existing glove it would need to be at least partially deconstructed before it could be embroidered. This is not cost effective and can cause serious damage to the glove. We suggest the classic marker, or finding a laser engraver who can burn your personalization on the glove.

    Make a Name for Yourself!

    Personalized Embroidery on a fast pitch softball glove
    • Create your one-of-kind, customer personalized glove by adding your name, nickname or number to your new glove.
    • On our website, we default the location, font and thread color to the most popular selection, and what we think looks best.
      • Location = Back of Thumb
      • Font = Brush Script
      • Thread Color = Golden Yellow
    • If you would like to personalize the little finger location or change the thread color or font, contact us and we’ll get you set up. (785) 261-1155. Your choices of font are Block or Brush Script (default); thread color Black, Red, Golden Yellow (default… best contrast to the leather)


    Personalized Pro Select Series Gloves

    Custom Lacing Colors Available
    Not only can you get your Pro Select glove embroidered, but you can take the customization further with different colored lacing. By default, the Pro Select gloves come with black laces, but if you want to stand out on the ball field step your glove game up with Red, Royal Blue, Tan/Brown, Orange, Athletic Gold or White laces.

    It takes the same amount of extra time to get custom laces for your Pro Select glove, 3-4 weeks, but if your getting your name embroidered on the glove why not go ahead and customize your laces too.